Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our global organization.

Integrity: We truly value our patients….we are here to serve. We understand that there are many different walks of life and that all have to be addressed accordingly. At Dental Depot, everyone gets treated equally.

Quality Care: We are dedicated to providing the best quality care to all of our patients. We feel that it is our duty to serve by providing a clean, comfortable atmosphere, compassionate doctors and friendly staff.

Quality care does not just apply to how we treat our patients but also to how we treat one another.  We feel that is very important to build and maintain strong relationships with our staff and business associates.  Everyone is responsible for the quality of whatever they do and how they treat others.

Dependability: Our foundation is built on honesty.  We are committed to the hearts and minds of our patients. We strive to exceed expectations in quality, cleanliness and affordability.  It’s not about the money, our main goal is to make sure each patient is taken care of. We offer payment plans for the less fortunate. If a procedure is outside of our ability, we will direct them to the proper specialists.

Gratitude: We feel that it is very important to give back to our patients and the community we serve.   We give discounts and special offers based on what is convenient to our patients. Every patient is rewarded for referrals.

We offer a wide range of community support including: educational program to schools free of charge; non-profit, educational and community sponsorships (Keep Oklahoma Beautiful); holiday parades and other community events.  We feel the biggest reward is the realization that we’ve made a significant change in someone’s life!

Servant-Leadership: We feel that servant- leadership is the foundation of effective leadership. As servant-leaders, we focus on the growth and well-being of our patient’s health.  Patient care is our highest priority. We feel that it is our purpose is to provide them with the best quality care they deserve. We educate them on procedures and give them options to make the decision that fits their needs. We are not here to sell big treatment plans. We are here to be humble servants to our community.

The servant-leadership philosophy is not only emphasized with our patients but also with each and every team member. We believe that good servant-leadership is putting the needs of our team members above our own.  At Dental Depot, Individual departments don’t function separately, they all work together as a whole.