Tell us About Yourself

We are looking for someone that strives for success to help us grow. Please be prepared to present yourself and show off your portfolio.

Your portfolio is the best tool to show off your talent.  What should your portfolio have?

Career Summary and Goals: A description of what you stand for (such as work ethic, organizational interests, management philosophy, etc.) and where you see yourself in the next five years.

A Professional Mission Statement: A short description of the guiding principles that drive you and give you purpose.

Resume:  A summary of your education, achievements, and wok experience, using a chronological or functional format.

Skills, Abilities and Marketable Qualities: A detailed examination of your skills and experience.

List of Accomplishments:  A detailed listing that highlights the major accomplishments in your career to date. Accomplishments are one of the most important elements to have in your portfolio.

Samples of Your Work:  Please provide the best samples of your work. Samples may include the following: reports, studies, projects, presentations, print, etc. You may also want to put these samples on a CD or flash drive for the recruiter to view at a later time.  You can add Power Point and/or videos to this as well.

Research, Publications, Reports: You may include any of the following: press releases, articles, white papers, case studies, books, analytic reports, etc.

Recommendation Letters and Testimonials:  Copies of recommendations letters or evaluations from previous employers, colleagues, clients and professors.

Awards/Honors:  A collection of any certificates of awards, honors and scholarships.

Event Attendance: A list of conferences, tradeshows, seminars and workshops you’ve participated in.

Military Records: If applicable, please list any military service, badges and awards.

Volunteering/Community Service: A description of any community services activities, volunteer or pro bono work that relates to your career. Examples: non-profit events, committees/boards you serve on, etc.)

References: Please, make sure to provide a three to five business references (including full names, titles, addresses who are willing to validate your experience. At least one reference should be a former manager.